Friday, January 18, 2013

January Meeting

Hello lacers,

Next week is our first meeting of the year.  We will be starting out with two Valentine's Day projects for you to choose from.  A bobbin lace heart and a tatted heart (this is also the start to a lovely winter tree if you're not into hearts).

For the bobbin lace you will need 8 pairs.  Either in in one color of your choice or 7 pairs in in one color with one pair in a metallic/alt color for the edge.  Thread is Size 80 cordonnet or equivalent.

For the tatted heart you will need thread sizes of your choice and 3 shuttles.  If you've never used more than 2 shuttles this is a super easy pattern to lean on.

**** Convention Info****

Please bring all pincushions you may have in ANY state they are in.  We really need to see what we have.  If you have any of the miser bags bring those too.  We think we have enough of those at this point, but please do bring them if you have them done.  We are also in need of more 60's; So please consider making one - anything will help.

If you don't get the Bulletin from IOLI please know that Winter 2013 has gone out with all the convention info. Feb 1 is the "start" of registration.  If you want to go, but are not an IOLI member know that the forms are available from Beehive Lacers site.

See you next week!

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