Saturday, March 26, 2011


We need to get all our Demo/teaching hours recorded by next guild meeting - April 23 - so that they can be reported to the national guild.

Also, please bring lace examples to the next meeting for the museum in Fairview.  They can be works of your own hands or antique pieces you own.  They will be up from May to October, roughly.  They may even be up for a year if you allow.  Works need to be labeled with your name at the least or you will NOT get them back.  I would recommend: name, phone, and type of lace.  You may also include other info if it is important to the piece.  If the piece is intended for entry in a fair you will get these back in time.

The Summer demo season is fast approaching.  The first is in May at the Museum of People and Culture at BYU.  The 4th of July and many of the other festival events ask us to dress up - colonial - so be pulling that together now if you don't already have something.  Here's a LINK to a site that may help you with ideas.  Also, Robin has many resources to help.